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The cast for our COOL NY 2011 performances:  l-r Debra Zalkind (Natasha/terrorist/Jane Edgar-Hoover), Charles Hinshaw (Kevin/terrorist), Mark Peters (Boris), Erin Ginn (Maya), Carlos Fittante (Robby), Robin Gilbert (Lu), Rebecca Whittington (Margot)

Robin Gilbert and Carlos Fittante in the opening pas de deux.

Carlos Fittante and Erin Ginn


We are now in rehearsal for two performances of the first 10 minutes of FUNDING THE ARTS at White Wave's COOL NY 2011 Festival (John Ryan Theater, 25 Jay Street, Brooklyn) on February 5th at 9 pm, and February 6th at 6 pm. Admission is FREE. Orginal cast members performing include Robin Gilbert, Erin Ginn, Charles Hinshaw, Mark Peters, Rebecca Whittington, and Debra Zalkind, along with new cast member, Carlos Fittante, in the role of "Robby."  

These performances are providing new challenges.  How do I include various cast members (i.e. Debra Zalkind, Robin Gilbert), whose roles ("Natasha" & "Brooke") are not in the first ten minutes of the piece? For Robin, it was easy -- give her another part.  As Ezlimar & Jose are no longer in New York, the role of the ballerina "Lu" was open, and Robin was just perfect for it.  So she and her long-time partner, Carlos Fittante, are performing the leading roles in this production. Debra, too, picked up a few additional parts (a terrorist, Edgar -- now called Jane Edgar-Hoover), but her "Natasha" was such a tour de force, that I wanted somehow to include it. So I rewrote the beginning of the script and had "Natasha" open the story with a monologue.  I think this version may be stronger than the original, and may keep it for the next production.  I also added dialogue for "Robby" and "Lu" that helps clarify their opening scene, whereas the original was done in silence. The reshaping of FUNDING THE ARTS has begun!

We hope you will be able to join us at COOL NY 2011! -- Felice Lesser

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