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What's Next?

Photos of "Arnie's Ballet" by Gerry Goodstein:



l-r: Robin Gilbert, Rebecca Whittington Ross, and Taylor Gordon in air, with Christian Serrano and Nathan Kosla on floor  

l-r: Taylor Gordon, Robin Gilbert, and Rebecca Whittington Ross

I learned from our LPAC 101 Residency that I want to add a lot more dance to this show, perhaps even think about choreographing the entire work.  For dance and movement are just as effective in making people laugh as words are, as I saw with “Arnie’s Ballet.”  I also learned to keep alert to those moments of serendipitous and fortuitous accidents.  We had worked for months on overhauling Act I, Scene 1.  But it wasn't until the very last rehearsal, when I was watching from the house, and Rebecca and Taylor were just lying still on their backs on the floor dressed in their tutus for the very first time, that I got a sense of the comic possibilities that could yet be mined from those two characters in just that one episode. Asking them (at the 11th hour) to then roll in those tutus made for a few deliciously funny jokes. It’s amazing and thrilling when moments like that occur. So now I’ll take some time to digest it all, rewrite the script yet again, and continue working on the best ways to get more dance into the show, and the show onto the stage.  --Felice Lesser

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