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LPAC Residency (April 2-25, 2014)


A few months ago I started working on the new background video for "Funding the Arts," so that during our LPAC residency we'd be able to try some of it out.  I'm aiming for a more "cartoonish" look this time around -- black and white with a single color in most instances. (More on that in my next BLOG entry.)  At LPAC the "Zelda & Brooke in the Restaurant" scene was completely rechoreographed -- as a dance this time (rather than dialogue with a little movement), and then performed against the new video during our "Open Rehearsal" on the 25th. We were also able to have a complete script reading that night, which allowed me to hear how the new dialogue sounds, and will be crucial to the final editing of the work, as I try to fit all the new dialogue into the existing music (and deal with cuts of the old). Mark Peters, Debra Zalkind, & Charles Hinshaw of the original cast were joined by Rose Jensen & Michael Semosh in the reading of the work, and Sakie Hachiya & Taylor Gordon performed the dance. -- Felice Lesser

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