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More Play Than Work!

Zelda's Hotel Room

 Zelda's Messy Hotel Room

Photo above:  An illustration of a "mask" -- drawn point-by-point (red dots connected by a red line) over a pair of sweatpants, as I added the sweatpants to the mix. The original photo of the sweatpants is below, before the background was removed by the mask.


I'm having such a great time here. This can't be work! I'm starting to feel guilty that I'm sitting around all day long, working on these animations -- and having so much fun doing it! Today I'll share the sets of Zelda's room with you. To design this room, I've been going around my apartment throwing things on the floor and then photographing it all (clothes, food, a coffee maker, newspapers, whatever). I then mix the photographed items with my drawings, creating a terribly messy room for Zelda. I'm animating various items, so Zelda will appear to be able to lift up a sock and throw it elsewhere, or Robby will move a stack of newspapers out of the way, as he searches for a missing video. It's extremely time-consuming work, as "masks" have to be drawn over every single thing to get rid of the original photos' backgrounds, and all the keyframing takes forever, so I can get about one complete animation done each day. But it's such enjoyable and creative work that the time just flies by! --Felice Lesser

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