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The Final Steps

This is the part of the process that is probably the most fun -- seeing the performers bring your work to the stage.  I could really begin to see the "living cartoon" -- how the combination of all the different elements -- the live cast, the script, the projected video & animation, and the choreography would come together in performance.

As the last step before entering the theater next week, we projected the video onto the walls of the rehearsal studio, so that the cast could get a better sense of the scale and actual size of their "sets" and "props" and how they would need to work with them. For instance, the television on the moving cart in the first photo gets pushed across the stage in the play from time to time.  Having the full-scale image in front of the dancers allowed them to time how long it would take, so that the pushes could be more realistic and accurate.  In the second photo the live dancers on the right (Erin Ginn, Victor Gonzalez, and Ezlimar Dortolina) needed to time their own choreography with exactly the same choreography done by the 25 or so animated dancers on the screen behind them.  In the fourth photo Mark Peters needed to kick a "cartoon figure" off the stage at the right time.

Everything is rehearsed and ready, the costumes are being finished, and the only thing we need now is YOU, our audience!  We look forward to seeing you in your seats next week as the curtain goes up on "Funding the Arts." -- Felice Lesser

l-r Ezlimar Dortolina, Erin Ginn, Jose Edwin Gonzalez, Rebecca Whittington

l-r Mark Peters, Debra Zalkind, Erin Ginn, Victor Oniel Gonzalez, Ezlimar Dortolina

l-r Mark Peters, Jose Edwin Gonzalez, Ezlimar Dortolina, Charles Hinshaw

l-r Ezlimar Dortolina, Jose Edwin Gonzalez, Debra Zalkind, Mark Peters

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